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Terms and Agreements

Terms and conditions

These Terms of Use apply to the use of this website.
1. Site usage rules, acceptance and revision of the rules. By visiting this site, you agree to
comply with these Terms of Use. Giga Farm LLC reserves the right to update these terms of use
at any time. Since the new version of these rules will apply to your use of this site, you need to
visit this page periodically to familiarize yourself with the Terms of Use in force at the
appropriate time.
2. Medical information / conditions. The product information on this website is provided by Giga
Farm LLC for informational purposes only, it does not contain exhaustive medical information.
You must obtain complete medical information from your doctor or other medical professional.
Many medicines can only be obtained by prescription.
3. Trademarks / Property rights. Except where otherwise indicated, it should be assumed that all
product names listed on this website, regardless of whether they are depicted in large font or
accompanied by a brand symbol, are trademarks of Giga Farm LLC
4. The information you provide to us. With the exception of information covered by our Privacy
Policy, everything you submit to the site will be treated as non-confidential information.
Everything that you send can be used for any purpose and becomes the property of Giga Farm
LLC. In addition, Giga Farm LLC has the right to use any ideas that you send to the site, without
the company having an obligation to pay you compensation.
5․ Products purchased on the site are non-refundable.